Zonefranche at a glance

We are an independent agency that has built up 10 years experience and 50 collaborators in the industry. We deploy a range of consultants and creative profiles ranging from digital native to CRM expert to shopper marketing pro. These talented professionals know how and like to work collaboratively. They’ve got major brands under their belts and an unbridled passion to help up-and-comers grow more powerful.

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Major Clients




Some will wave around like a flag and there are others who act. We build concepts and offers, and we develop projects to support the brand and the business it generates.


Integrated, physical, online networks, internal and external audiences, how they function...we've done it all. We develop strategies to bring them to life, develop them, and digitize them.


We make offers, models and our clients' businesses go digital. We create brand experiences that integrate digital and physical realms with a single obsession: transformation.


Ambitious and multi-faceted, creativity feeds all of the levels of the agency because that's who we are and because the greatest ideas often come from unexpected quarters.


Integrated Communication

As an all-purpose Agency, branding is our forte, so we are experts at designing the brand message and orchestrating brand communications across the right points of contact. We can do (just about) everything.

Digital & Social

Of course, we have our digital “natives” who are able to define, implement, and oversee digital brand strategies: websites, social media networks, media, traffic, brand transformation, and more! But they also work well in tandem with experts outside the virtual world (which is actually quite a rare phenomenon).

Mobile Devices

In terms of the number of connections, mobile devices are (practically) on par with our good old computers. That’s why we make marketing on mobile devices a high priority point of contact, and it’s actually one of our specialties, since in 2013 we acquired the mobile web device agency Octantys.


We identify and handle the appropriate recruitment tools to transform prospects over several stages, while piloting data throughout the process.

CRM/relationship marketing

We oversee datamining and set up loyalty programs that generate client value over time. We do this online, of course, but also on paper, because we’re among those who believe that DM does indeed have a future.

Shopper Marketing

We prompt your prospective and current clients to take action at both virtual and digital points of sale. We offer our expertise for both in-person and online interactions at the point of sale, with or without POS advertising.


We maximize the effectiveness of advertiser/distributor relations and we construct innovative concepts to keep your promotional tools fresh and appealing both in-store and out-of-store, no matter what your products and distribution methods might be. More than anything else, Trade Marketing is about creativity and experience in the industry.


We rely on event planning to motivate some B to C and B to B audiences, and to stimulate and guide digital content exposure. We’re just as skilled at designing events as we are at putting them all together.


In the life of a brand (and in terms of its commercial success) B2B is essential. So, we face the beast head-on! Whether we are talking about distribution networks, internal clients, partners, prospects, very small businesses, small and medium-sized businesses, or major companies, we are skilled at working with and transforming your B2B audience.

What is Cross Activation?

It’s the idea that 360° has to be used wisely (and frugally), otherwise the ROI takes a hit. We are guided by the conviction that effective integrated communication starts with a selection of good contact points online and offline in order to identify the right targets (consumers, members of the public, networks, etc.). And we motivate them to get them to actually make a move: to raise their hands, speak up, get involved, make a purchase, sign up, and more.