Fort d’Aubervilliers is a fleeting and temporary space for Street productions with some 40 artists exhibiting there, and it opened up its gates to our whole team. Big thanks to Olivier, who runs the space, for chaperoning us on this journey few get the opportunity to take. Make no mistake, zonefranche will certainly not let the energies pacing through these two hectares of exhibition space fade away into thin air!
Scroll through this page to follow along on our journey. Let this magical place captivate your imagination, just as it did for us.


What could be better than a two hectare urban wild space to showcase all of the talents of LOS GOLFOS, our creative team who also happen to be the Street Golf Champions of France!
Under the thumb of our high-flying team, here we are battling it out in an unforgettable 5-hole outing, up against the Aubervilliers temporary course!


12 cases of spray paint, 2 boxes of Posca markers, 8 white tables, and 10 people who have never tried their hand at such a thing!
Luckily, Michael (aka Beerens) gave us a very informative flash demo. A half an hour later, there is an intoxicating aroma of paint solvents in the air, liberated by the frenetic energy of our creative souls at work. The results weren’t always “amazing”, but nobody will ever forget the moments of unbridled mirth we shared together!

First it was a military barracks, then an auto scrap yard, and now it is an open-air exhibition space, tucked away in the North of Paris, with lots of life ahead of it. Captivated by this moment in time, zonefranche will not allow #InSitu to pass into oblivion. That’s why we’ll soon be setting the date for the release of a review issued by our team, telling you everything you need to know about this unique place!